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Updated: May 31, 2020

Around 12 month ago I made the choice to stop drinking.

So where to start? Well, they often tell you to begin with "the why". A question that sounds so simple in nature, yet so complex in reality.

Having drank for about 99.9% of my adult life, like most of the post-80s generation, it became something I was rather good at. Too good to be frank. I'm not going to start telling you how awful it is, how bad for me it is (although in some ways it was... we'll get to that later on) and how everyone on this god forsaken planet should suddenly press the stop button. Some of the best memories, the most amazing people and most interesting situations I've landed myself in somehow always came from a time I had been drinking.

See this was the issue for me. My life was often always dictated by alcohol, the highs, the lows, enviably all came from one thing (well actually multiple), and that was drinking.

I wasn't an everyday drinker, a morning drinker, I was simply someone who loved to have fun....and lots of it. Look, I'm a believer that we should all make our own choices in the vices we allow into our lives. I'm equally a believer that you should always try things once before passing judgement. But on top of both of those things, I'm a believer that balance is key.

This is why, Hold The Tipple, isn't going to be a platform to preach that my way is the right way (well at least I'll try not to). Instead I'm hoping it's a place for people to get new ideas, new insights, maybe even a little inspiration from someone who is probably a lot more similar to you than you'd believe.

Anyway, back to "the why". For me, balance became unmanageable. I became unrecognisable, and I was certainly doing a lot of damage to myself (and others along the way). For me, it was both the physical and mental damage being inflicted that no longer had a place in my life.

But just slow down, take some time off? Trust me I've tried all the tricks in the book. For me it really was time to stop. Time to take ownership.

And 12 months on, I can honestly say, it has not been as I had first expected. The experience, the learnings, the new perceptions, all of which have been so organic, so humbling. And those memories, I'm still creating them, those people, I'm still meeting them. And interesting situations...well I've certainly done things I never would have done 12 months ago.

I'm not a blogger really, I would rather class myself as a story teller. So this is what this is all about. Me, telling my story.


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