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Mens Health Week (June 14th - 21st)

Men’s Health Week |

I think it is important to recognise, especially in the current environment, how important it is to to be conscious of our health, both physical and mental.


There isn’t a “one size fits all” answer to good health. Something we’ve mentioned before which I think is especially relevant and for us, is at the centre of good health, is balance, consciousness and awareness.


It’s amazing to see the amount of support out there growing around physical and mental health. The stigma around mental health does seem to be decreasing. Which is great! Yet we are still presented with stats that to be honest are pretty still shocking to see


How can we all do our part? .

Firstly, be conscious of your own health, physical and mental. Do you feel out of balance? Are you missing something in your life right now? Does something not feel quite right? Make the adjustment, seek the help whether it be through speaking to the friend or family, make the appointment with the professional and don’t be afraid to be vulnerable


Sobriety for me gave me an incredible amount of clarity and self-belief in what I needed and how I can help others. For me that was the adjustment I needed. As I said, this isn’t the answer for everyone but I guess the point I’m trying to make, is whatever is required, as uncomfortable as it may seem, is probably the thing your body and mind most needs


Secondary, reach out and spread the f**king love. It’s literally as simple as “how you doing today?”. Open the door and show kindness. You’re be surprised, given the opportunity, how many people will respond to such a simple gesture. And to those you may not know, the people you pass in your daily life, say “hello”, wish them a good morning/afternoon, check-in. That one gesture, as big or small it is, might just change that persons day for the better. And the extra bonus to those both things above, well it will do wonders for your own well-being and mindset.


Anyways, we just felt like sharing something. And with this message to those that have read, if ya need to chat, our DM is a click away



Hold the Tipple.



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